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Today’s business world is always on the go and a good screening of potential vendors is often overlooked. However, it might mean fraud, bad work, lost time and money if you hire a company and use its goods and services without first checking its track record and financial standing.

Antitort helps companies, government offices and individuals to find out how capable and honest a potential or existing vendor is. With Antitort’s integrity program, you can learn more about the vendor by understanding their criminal records (if applicable) financial problems, or business relationships, which, if not taken into account, might incur high costs.

Answers to the question such as “Have vendors truly completed the projects they claim to have done?” or “Are the vendors reliable?” mean a great deal to investors, constructors, and other vendors engaged in investment, business operation and supplying. Objective business investigation can exclude subjective factors and, by using a specialized approach, facts can be discovered.

Antitort’s experts will determine business practice, liabilities and integrity levels of vendors and clients through:

·Criminal records

·Bankruptcy records

·Charge of illegal activities

·Civil cases

·Media coverage

·Screening whether they truly have completed the projects