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Antitort can investigate and verify credentials, certificates, documents, court rulings, biographies, background, descriptions of events, results, and other verifiable matters clients deem dubious.

Antitort’s background screening team includes law enforcement, criminal law and government service experts. To produce a thorough background report, Antitort ferrets out key information by looking at primary sources (including electronic data), visiting courthouses across the country, reviewing publicly available documents, and interviewing a job candidate over the phone to understand more of his or her professional and personal background.

We may investigate:

·Address historical records

·Civil and bankruptcy records

·Credit reports

·Criminal reports

·Driving records

·Education and employment history

·Court ruling history

·Media coverage

·Professional licenses and certificates

·Regulatory punishment (in certain industries)

Our employees are all among the best in the industry in terms of capacity, honesty and observation of professional ethics. You can count on them for keeping your secrets. Our employees understand that documents and videos obtained by any of our highly trained investigators can serve as evidence of you in your litigation. Our products can meet the needs of companies and clients that observe strict law, morals and ethical standards. All detailed facts found through our screening can stand the tests of your counseling teams, lawyers, and judges.

We provide key services to assist in your litigation. Our screening work includes surveillance, location of witnesses, accident scene photos, interviews, public information, comprehensive clinical examination and asset reporting.