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Antitort provides a wide selection of tailor-made information offerings to different companies and helps them make major decisions, e.g. whether they should provide mortgaged loans or other loans, employment opportunities, accept new tenants over the Internet and technologies, Antitort is committed to providing fast, reliable, accurate and tailor-made solutions to meet the increasing needs of industry participants.

To understand both ourselves and the competition in this complex, volatile business world, and to effectively prevent companies from suffering immeasurable losses because of commercial fraud, we need to learn about the business background and standing of prospective partners or competitors. As a professional exposure control specialist, we conform with strict third-party neutrality principles and provide clients with objective data and credit information by offering a full range of business screening services focused on both data publicly available from government sources and on-site visits, e.g. actual business venues, asset and financial standing, industry reputation, and court cases records.

They include but are not limited to the following:

·Company overview: Founding date, ownership, legal representative, scope of business, main financial data, number of employees, office/business area, business trends and credit rating;

·Legal information: Registration documents, shareholders; history and major events;

·Management: Principals, background of shareholders and management experience;

·Legal disputes: Records that show the company was engaged in dishonest activities, if applicable

·Organization: Structure of corporate functional departments

·Business operation: Scope of business, main products and services, production equipment, purchase, sales records and performance

·Banking: Main bank and account

·Branches: Number of employees and office area and branch organizations

·Financial information: The balance sheet, loss and profit statement, financial analysis and explanations

·Comprehensive summery: A summery of the company