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People are the core competitiveness of a company. We are dedicated to helping it select the most qualified and honest ones from a pool of hundreds of candidates; guiding our clients to protect the core customer assets by managing the assets in day-to-day work according the different classification levels they fall under; assisting managers in preventing trade secrets from being disclosed after key employees leave; using high quality, professional services to help companies worldwide solve problems of human resource (HR) management.

We are a provider of well proven services of HR risks management for companies worldwide. These services include:

·Pre-employment background and qualification screening

·Responses to crises relating to current employees and supervision of conduct

·Security auditing of employment terminations

·Risk control and investigation relating to employment termination

Antitort also works with companies to jointly build and maintain corporate culture from the top. To be specific, Antitort helps with HR policies and procedures to ensure compliance with rules. They include:

·Pre-employment screening

·Incentive and training plan

·Ethics reporting system

·Interviews of employment termination

·Screening and employment termination procedures

We will also help you optimize your organization’s internal resources, create and update code of conduct for your employees, anti-fraud policies, contingency plans and procedures to ensure effective internal investigation and compliance with applicable laws.